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Art And Culture Journey To Maui

When you think of Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful ocean and volcanos that surround the water. Although the island certainly has an abundance of natural beauty, it is also rich in art and Maui culture. Ever since Polynesian voyagers set out by outrigger canoe to find and settle the islands, the Hawaiian people have been creating art and dance that is deeply connected to their heritage and spiritual beliefs. There are a few places on the island where you can experience Hawaiian’s creative endeavors for yourself.

Maui’s Art and Culture Center- Maui Things To Do And See

This center offers dancing, art exhibits, music, and mixed media presentations. You can see a traditional fire or hula dance or admire the handcrafted jewelry and paintings of local artists. Past exhibits have included an art piece by fashion designer Akihiko Izukura, who used the silk of thousands of worms to create a tunnel of silk to show the struggle of the silkworm. The Maui culture is abundant! Click here to read more about Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery.

Ola Natural Healing

You can experience the ancient practice of Hoʻoponopono at this center. Hoʻoponopono is a forgiveness and reconciliation ritual. The word means to make all the things you have done wrong right. It is essentially a four-step mantra. The steps include saying I am sorry, asking for forgiveness, forgiving those who have wronged you, and finally saying I love you. The guides at this center can demonstrate and help you with that process.

Art on the Market

Located in the center of Wailuku, Art on the Market is run by a collective for artists. There are so many Maui things to do and see! The owner is a jewelry maker who often practices her craft for visitors. You can forget bringing tee shirts and shot glasses back for your friends; much of the artwork here is affordable and one of a kind. Buying a souvenir here will evoke memories of your Hawaiian adventure for years to come.

Where to Stay

Maui is a popular place, and people who come here tend to stay in condos and rental homes, as hotels are very limited. Finding the right vacation home can be a time-consuming task. The vacation rental specialists at Quam Properties can find you a beautiful home with a large, comfortable living room, multiple bedrooms with ergonomic beds, clean bathrooms, and plenty of closet space and a contemporary kitchen with all the appliances you will need to make a family meal. Our homes go fast, so click here or call us at 808-665-1315.