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Traveling can be a scary proposition if you don’t know where to go, what to do, or what to see in the new place you are visiting, and guidebooks are the perfect solution to your travel dilemmas. But what if you want to experience Maui hidden gems you can’t find between the pages of your standard guidebook? What if you want your Maui vacation to be a trip that offers more than the standard overcrowded tourist attractions and overpriced restaurants? What if you want a vacation that makes you feel as if you live here?

You want hidden pathways through bamboo forests, quiet days on secret beaches where you feel as if you are the only ones alive in the world, or simply a good meal that won’t cost more than the lease on your car! Well, when you stay in one of Quam Properties’ rentals, you get more than a roof over your head; you get the vacation of a lifetime and the inside scoop on these Maui hidden gems not normally found in the guidebooks!

Take A Walk Through A Bamboo Forest

A wooden path leads the way through a forest of bamboo, the tall stalks swaying in the breeze as they muffle the sounds of the world outside your magical escape. Follow the path to quiet swimming holes, stunning waterfalls, and an Amazonian-type jungle that is lush and green. Located on the mountain side of Maui between mile markers 6 & 7, your visit to Hawaii doesn’t get any better than this?

Relax At A Secret Beach

Although you’ve probably seen thousands of pictures of Paaka Cove over the years, it’s a spot that very few visitors ever explore. Quiet, peaceful, and featuring calm waters due to its protected location, the entrance to this secret beach paradise can be found between two black lava walls at the last entrance to Makena Beach. This is one of our favorite Maui hidden gems.

Kaupa Store, Highway 31 Mile Marker 35

Offering a glimpse into the history of Hawaii, this charming store is one of the last of its kind and has been a Maui staple since opening its doors in 1925. Originally a general store where local residents purchased much-needed supplies, today it has morphed into an island version of a convenience store; here is where you can purchase traditional snacks, artworks created by local residents, and even explore the owners’ collection of Hawaiian artifacts.

The Best Maui Hidden Gem

There is no bad place to view the sunset from during your Maui vacation, but the best place is right outside your living room! Pour yourself a glass of wine, slide open the glass doors, and step outside for a ringside seat to Mother Nature’s most popular show—a Hawaiian sunset! We have a wide selection of rentals, including our properties at Hololani Resort. Reserve your Quam Properties luxury hideaway today!