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Plan a Thanksgiving 2019 Getaway to Maui

We understand that not everyone gets to live in paradise. Your hometown is a place you love, but you don’t wake up to sunshine and ocean breezes every morning of your life, and that’s ok; It just makes you appreciate the beauty of our island even more, especially when you choose to spend your 2019 Thanksgiving here in Maui sipping Mai Tais and avoiding cranky relatives who just add to the tension and stress of a holiday that is supposed to be dedicated to thankfulness. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your 2019 getaway for a Maui Thanksgiving, and this guide will help!

Can You Hear That?

The sound of silence, punctuated by the splash of ocean waves against the beach, is all the noise you will hear on your first Maui Thanksgiving. Unlike at home, you won’t need to wake up early and rush to start the first of millions of chores. In Maui you can pull the pillow over your head and get in a few more minutes of sleep or fix a cup of coffee to enjoy on the patio. As the sounds of the ocean grows louder, your children and your spouse may just find their way out to visit you in your favorite spot. Quiet conversations, happy chatter, and more moments of silence are definitely something you will be thankful for.

Maui Thanksgiving is the Best Time to Eat

Choices are something to be thankful for as well, and when you stay with us, your meal choices are plentiful! Our fully equipped kitchens allow you to create a feast that compares to the one you might have made at home. Purchase all the ingredients you need at the local Safeway, or, if cooking is not your idea of fun, you can still go to Safeway and purchase a fully prepared Thanksgiving dinner instead! Offering everything from bread to side dishes and turkey to dessert, clean-up is easy; refrigerate the leftovers and toss the containers! And finally, many of the resorts where our rental properties are located will offer Thanksgiving feasts, but if you really want to celebrate island style, check out the special holiday luaus that can be found throughout the island; the Royal Lahaina and Grand Wailea luaus are two of our favorite examples!

Finish Up with a Walk on the Beach

Now that the excitement of your day is drawing to a close, it’s time to end it as it began, with the sounds of the ocean. Let the moon light your way across the sand as you continue the morning’s conversations, only this time with the sand between your toes. And before you get sad about the end of another holiday, just remember that the best part of your day is about to happen when you return to the comfort and serenity of your Thanksgiving escapereserve yours today!