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Summer Journey To Maui

It is time to start planning your summer vacation, and you have decided to go to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui offers the most challenging hikes and the biggest variety of water sports. Maui Summer brings fun and educational events and festivals, delicious and unique food, and beautiful weather and scenery. You will want to plan your trip well in advance, as Maui Summer activities such as boat rides and tours are very popular on this island.

Maui Summer Events

June brings the Waʻa Kiakahi Canoe Festival to Maui. The event teaches participants about the outrigger canoes that Polynesian explorers used when they discovered the islands. The Kapalua Wine & Food Festival is also held in June. Hawaiian wine is much sweeter and lighter than most types of wine, and you will get to pair it with food from some of the best restaurants in The Aloha State. June 11th brings Kamehameha Day to Hawaii. This state-wide holiday celebrates the king of Hawaii who united the islands in 1810. There are six statues honoring the monarch in Hawaii and they are all draped with leis on this day. There are also parades, competitions, and a whole lot of hula dancing. The Hana Cultural Center & Museum Ho’olaulea takes place in August and celebrates the culture of the tiny community of Hana.

Outdoor Activities

The waters are calmer in the summer, making Maui a great place for scuba diving, snorkeling, and just laying out on the beach. There are so many Maui Summer activities for you to explore! The summer winds are just perfect for both sailing and parasailing, and there are many companies that offer tours and lessons. Kapalua Ziplines offers a full moon zip line tour where you can get a panoramic view of the island at night. The full moon tours are only available in the summer. Although the hiking trails are challenging in Maui, the weather is much better in the summer and the terrain is less slippery.

Where to Stay

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