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Festivals And Events Journey To Maui


The state of Hawaii offers Americans the chance to experience a different culture without a passport or an airport strip search. The many Maui festivals and events are worth a journey to this magnificent island alone. You can learn about the Polynesian culture, listen to great music, and try some fantastic food. Maui events and festivals active all year long, and you may want to plan when you will go according to the event schedule.

Maui Events- Spring

If you love onions, May is the month to visit Maui, as they have an entire festival dedicated to the tangy allium. The focus is on the Kula onion, which is indigenous to Hawaii, and you will get to eat this tasty vegetable in many recipes.
May also brings the Olukai Hoolaulea festival, which celebrates and educates visitors about the Pacific Ocean and the traditions of the people who live on its shores.

Summer Events

June brings the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival to the island. The term can be a bit misleading, as a slack key is not a type of guitar, but rather a style of guitar playing where you detune one or two of the strings. You will see some of the best guitarists in the state at this event.
Polynesians found the Hawaiian Islands when traveling by canoe, and the Waʻa Kiakahi Canoe Festival takes place in June. You can learn how to row an outrigger canoe and watch canoe races.

Fall Events

Autumn brings the Festivals of Aloha to the island. Here you can learn all about the Hawaiian culture, attend luaus, watch dances, and taste many kinds of Hawaiian food.
Don’t sit around and fret about the fact that you never got to see Don Ho live because you can attend the Maui Ukulele Festival in September. You will learn about the history of the uke, listen to some tunes, and even get to play the instrument yourself. Don’t forget to visit the famous Waianapanapa State Park. Click here to learn more.


The biggest event of winter in Maui is the Whale Festival in February, which is actually several Maui festivals rolled into one. There is a film festival all about these wonderful and intelligent mammals. You can participate in a fun walk/run to benefit the Pacific Whale Foundation or take a concert cruise where you will see plenty of the majestic beasts in action.

Where to Stay

Whenever you decide to visit, you will need a comfortable place to stay. Hotels are sparse on Maui, and most people choose to stay in rental properties. Quam Properties can find the perfect vacation home for you. Click here or call us today at 808-665-1315.