We’re lucky enough to be able to live in paradise full time, but not everyone is so blessed, and it can be difficult when visiting if you’re not really sure of what sights there are to be seen or which places cry out to be visited. Getting back home after a vacation in paradise only to discover that you missed out on seeing one of the most beautiful rainforest waterfalls in all of Maui or learning those volcanoes you saw from a distance could have been seen close up can be difficult to stomach under the best of circumstances, or downright saddening if this was the last time you were going to be able to visit our island home. So, for our guests who can’t be happy if they can’t see it all, we suggest taking one of the many tours offered by our friends at Valley Isle Excursions. Plan on a vacation filled with breathtaking sights and happy adventures!

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Your Tour of Paradise: Valley Isle Excursions

Offering a variety of tours, this local company’s main mission is to ensure that you, the guest, walk away at the end of the tour knowing that you’ve learned something you never knew, you’ve seen things that took your breath away, and that maybe, just maybe, you’ve smiled, laughed, and gasped in awe more times than you have ever done so before. Of course, it’s not difficult to do when you have such beautiful land to work with, but we believe the trained guides found at Valley Isle Excursions add a little extra shine to our island paradise!

One of their most popular excursions is the Road to Hana Tour. This tour takes you along coastal roads to oceanside cliffs and by the rainforest waterfalls we mentioned earlier. A visit to Haleakalā is also included on this tour, but for those who are volcano fans, a Volcanoes of Maui Tour is offered as well. Their second most popular tour, the Pride of America Hana Shore Excursion features a more in-depth exploration of Maui. It continues on long after other tour companies end their tours! Also offering sunrise and sunset tours, Valley Isle Excursions allows its guests to get to know Maui even better than the locals, and if you book online, you can save $10 per person. Simply visit www.tourmaui.com and click on the blue Book Now tab; if you have further questions, you can call them at 808-661-8687 email them at tour@tourmaui.com.


These Tours are Extensive

When the sun begins its descent into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and it’s time to return to your Quam Properties paradise escape, you’ll be pleasantly tired, but won’t feel any sadness at tours end; your adventures are just beginning. Our properties are designed to make our guests feel at home and luxuriously spoiled—reserve yours today!

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