Set your mind at ease by choosing an experienced property management team you can trust to oversee the operations of your Maui property. At Quam Properties, we have an experienced team of realtors, maintenance technicians, and management personnel that make the property management services process smooth and thorough.

Leave the details of your property’s care to a team who dedicates their daily time and efforts to making sure you get the most out of your property. At Quam Properties, we live and work in Maui’s most highly desirable areas and have a strong understanding of the housing and rental market. We are a team that is solely dedicated to making sure each of our properties is well-maintained and that owners and guests get the services they are looking for.

Features of Our Property Management Services

Everything from major renovations to picking up items from the grocery store so your home is stocked upon arrival falls under the list of possibilities for ways we can help manage your property. If you are wanting to make updates to your home but don’t want to commit the time to oversee what can be a lengthy project, this is one of the many tasks that we take on at Quam Properties. For more minor concerns, our maintenance team works seven days a week to stay on top of any issue that may arise, and our housekeeping department keeps everything fresh and tidy. When you leave your property in the hands of Quam Properties, every detail is taken care of, including tasks such as bill paying. You can be rest assured that your property is in good hands, as we do inspections of each of our properties daily. With all of the details taken care of, your mind can be freed up to focus on other obligations.

Customize Your Property Management Services Plan

At Quam Properties, we understand that each property and homeowner’s situation is unique. That is why we offer personal, customized services. Our customizable plans allow you to choose only the services that you need, without having to pay for unneeded extras. Whether you want all the details left to us, such as finding renters and having the property cleaned and serviced consistently, or you simply want someone to take care of the electric bill each month, we understand that each client has a variety of needs for their property.

At Quam Properties, we are happy to serve you. Call us today at (808) 665-1315 to further discuss our property management services!