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The ultimate beach fantasy usually includes sunsets, crashing waves, and a handsome or beautiful date sitting opposite you on a balcony over the sea as you sip on a delicious tropical cocktail, and while we can’t provide the date, we at Quam Properties can offer everything else to make this fantasy come true! Our beach escapes are perfect for fulfilling all fantasies, but when you want that cocktail you are sipping to be extra special, a visit to any of the spots listed in this guide will ensure you get the best handcrafted cocktails in Hawaii that we have to offer. You can always steal their recipes and try to replicate them in one of our fully equipped kitchens later in your stay!

Aloha Bars Maui, 711 Malimali Street in Kihei

When you find a spot in which the Cocktail Menu is longer than most restaurants’ food menus, you have to know you’re onto something good! With handcrafted cocktails falling under categories such as Something Old, Something New, Something Blue, Something Muddled, and Something Bubbly, you might also suspect that Aloha Bars Maui might be in the wedding business—and you would be right! Aloha Bars brings the cocktails to your special day, so while it’s not a bar you can visit, it helps make your destination wedding absolutely perfect!

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman, 10 Wailea Gateway Place in Kihei

A funny name, farm to table meals, and delicious handcrafted cocktails are all you need to make an ordinary Tuesday on Maui an extraordinary experience you’ll never forget. Stay traditional and sip on their Monkeypod Mai Tai or tiptoe through the wild side with a Dirty Mind, created with cimarron reposado tequila, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, cinnamon, and salt. Designating someone else to be the driver may be your smartest decision in either circumstance!

Fleetwood’s on Front Street, 744 Front Street in Lahaina

World famous for being the top party place on Maui, Fleetwood’s is also known for their signature cocktails! Enjoy Hi Tea, a unique concoction of Sazerac rye whiskey, walnut liqueur, honey, lemon juice, Earl Grey, rose water, cardamom bitters, dried tea roses, and honeycomb. Or go for the Heart of the Jungle, made with Cynar Ricetta Originale, Velvet Falernum, coconut rum, lemon juice, and served in a Tiki artichoke with falernum-pressed starfruit. Their award-winning cocktails are innovative, delicious, and go down smooth! When you stay in Honua Kai Hokulani 710, you can have this great spot only down the road from you.

Ride Share to Your Quam Properties Beach Home with Cocktails in Hawaii

Reserve your beach escape today and discover if you have what it takes to replicate the drinks you’ve tried at these hot spots!