While city life can be invigorating, the constant hustle and bustle can also be an exhausting drain. Sometimes it’s necessary to unwind with a change of scenery and a change of pace. Take a break from the sights and sounds of the city when you treat yourself to a Maui getaway, where long white sand beaches and the rhythmic sounds of the ocean can offer just the right antidote to sooth your soul and help you escape to Maui.

Find Solace on the Seafront

While some of Maui’s beaches are an active social scene, it’s also possible to find your own stretch of sand on which to lay back, relax, and read a good book or simply enjoy the scenery. On Maui’s west coast you’ll also find beaches that are great for swimming or for calming activities such as stand up paddle boarding. There is nothing like a day on or near the ocean to clear your mind and get your body into relaxation mode when you escape to Maui!

Located on Maui’s west coast convenient to many of the Maui vacation rentals we offer at Quam Properties, Kaanapali Beach is consistently ranked among the best beaches on Maui. The coastline of Kaanapali extends for over a mile, earning the title as one of Maui’s longest beaches. With activities that appeal to a wide variety of interests, Kaanapali Beach is a must-add to your escape to Maui itinerary. Stroll along the lengthy stretch of sand, swim in the pristine turquoise waters, ride the gentle waves aboard a boogie board, or snorkel along the north end of the beach near Black Rock. Black Rock is also a spot where you’ll find adrenaline junkies jumping from extreme heights into the water below. Join in for a breathtaking experience or simply find a spot in the sand to observe the action! Kaanapali Beach has it all, with beautiful vistas and accessible activities to keep everyone entertained.

Napili Bay is yet another highly rated beach situated on Maui’s west coast. This crescent-shaped beach is often quieter than Kaanapali Beach and is equally as beautiful. When the waters are calm in the bay, this can be a great spot for swimming and snorkeling. The sandy bottom along the shoreline provides great swimming conditions, while the offshore reef provides easily accessible snorkeling that isn’t far from the safety of the shoreline. This reef is home to a wide variety of tropical fish, and green sea turtles can also frequently be found swimming here. While law prohibits snorkelers from touching or bothering the honu, it is still a breathtaking experience to snorkel alongside them!

Hike a Scenic Trail

From cliffside trails that meander along the ocean to paths that go deep into the rainforest and emerge at the base of a thundering waterfall, there are many options for losing yourself in nature when on a Maui getaway. Pick a trail or two that pique your interest and get away from the crowds with an Instagram-worthy hike on Maui. The Lahaina Pali Trail is situated in West Maui, following an ancient road over steep elevation gain that results in a killer workout and stunning views. Most hikers choose to hike half of the trail in an out-and-back fashion. Beginning on the west end of the trail, you’ll climb a challenging 1600 feet over two miles of rugged terrain until you reach the Kaheawa Wind Farm. The two-mile descent return will provide spectacular views of the ocean stretched out before you. Trails in Haleakala National Park as well as along Maui’s coastlines provide additional opportunities for enjoying a day in nature’s solitude!

Pamper Yourself with a Spa Treatment

Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation by booking a spa treatment at one of Maui’s exquisite spa facilities. The Spa at Black Rock, located along Maui’s west coast, is known for both its stunning location and its luxurious spa treatments. With indoor treatment rooms, an outdoor lanai, and a covered oceanfront cabana, The Spa at Black Rock maximizes the natural beauty surrounding its location to provide the ultimate tropical spa experience. Try the Hawaiian lomi lomi massage for a tension-relieving experience that incorporates the long flowing and rhythmic strokes that have been passed down from generation to generation by the Hawaiian people. The use of tropical ingredients such as coconut and mango in various treatments will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized!

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