Hawaii has the highest number of Buddhist temples in the United States. The island is host to the Maui Dharma Center, and at the front gate of the center is Paia Peace Stupa. A stupa is a structure that resembles a mount and is used to store relics.


Construction on the Paia Peace Stupa began in 2005 and it is dedicated to the memory of its very first resident teacher, Lama Tenzin. It was consecrated in 2007 when the Dali Lama came to visit Hawaii.

Visiting the Paia Peace Stupa

Visiting the stupa is free, and they won’t even pressure you into making a donation. The Paia Peace Stupa is white with colorful strips and has a roof that resembles a monk praying with his arms clasped over his head. It is an impressive 27 feet high. On the inside of the stupa is a large Mani prayer wheel. The prayer wheel is a funnel shaped structure that is adorned with golden scriptures that spins around and around. It has an almost hypnotic effect when you look at it long enough.

People come from all over the world to visit this structure. It is surrounded by beautiful flowers and tropical plants and it is a great place to sit and meditate before or after a visit to the Maui Dharma Center.

The Center

The Maui Dharma Center offers both morning and evening group prayers, as well as Sunday services and Tibet language classes. They offer Dharma talks where you can learn about the principals of Buddhism.

Where to Stay

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