You are in Hawaii for the very first time and you have been Tweeting, texting and Instagramming pictures all the while, and your friends have been responding with various heart signs and emojis. Long before there were emojis, people used to communicate with drawings known as petroglyphs, and you can still see those drawings today when you go for a hike on the Olowalu Petroglyphs Trail.

About the Olowalu Petroglyphs Trail

The Olowalu Petroglyphs trail is a 1.1-mile out and back hike with an elevation gain of 169 feet and is composed of an open dirt road. It can get very hot on the trail, so be sure to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen. If you are unable to walk to the site, you are allowed to drive on the road, but be advised that the road can be dusty.

The petroglyphs are 200 and 300 years old and you will find them towards the beginning of the trail. They are marked with a sign that tells visitors a bit about their history. The petroglyphs are a bit hard to make out, but there are many of them and they depict people, plants, and various animals. Maui petroglyphs are unique as they have been carved on the vertical sides of cliffs, whereas the petroglyphs on the main island of Hawaii were carved into horizontal lava.

A hike on this trail will teach you that communication has not changed for centuries, as many people have drawn graffiti at the sight right next to the petroglyphs. A traveler can’t help but wonder what people will think of our civilization 100 years from now. You are asked not to add any graffiti, and not to climb on the rocks, as it causes erosion.

There is ample parking at the trailhead. If you are traveling with your pet, they will be welcome on this trail.

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