Ever since the days of Hawaii’s sugar plantation rush, the state has been home to many people of Japanese descent. Buddhism is a prevalent religion in Japan and there are now many Buddhist temples in the 50th state. The Maui Dharma Center will teach you everything you need to know about the tenants of the religion. The center follows the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, and if they meet their stated goals, you will leave with a union of compassion and wisdom that will help others at this Buddhist Temple in Maui.

History of the Maui Dharma Center 

The center is located on Maui’s island of Paia. The Maui Dharma Center was founded in 1975 by a Tibetan Buddhist master named Kalu Rinpoche. He is the one who decided what principals of the religion would be emphasized at the center.

Mr. Rinpoche was born in Tibet and spent twelve years of solitude in the Tibetan mountains where he is said to have befriended the animals and practiced a vegetarian diet. He was one of the first Buddhist teachers to make a connection in the Western world and he was also a very popular author of spiritual literature in the United States.

The current residential Lama is Lama Gyaltsen. He hails from India and has been a monk ever since the age of five. He is considered a very accessible teacher who gives a good lecture and has contemporary values.

Visiting the Center

A stupa will greet you when you arrive at the entrance. A stupa is a mount-like building where sacred relics are enshrined. This structure was concentrated by the Dali Lama himself in 2007.

You can attend daily meditation and morning and evening prayer sessions at the Maui Dharma Center. The morning prayer session offers 25 confessional Buddhas to whom you may tell your secrets.  They also have retreats and Dharma talks.

Even if you do not leave having achieved oneness with the universe, you don’t have to go home empty-handed, as they have a gift shop where you can find a souvenir. In this Buddhist Temple in Maui, you’ll find such unique keepsakes as singing bowls, mala beads, and meditation cushions.

Where to Stay

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