The beautiful island of Maui offers some truly fabulous outdoor experiences, and when you plan a trip here you are certain to include a visit to the beach, a hike, and a surfing lesson or two. But while you plan, don’t forget to take some of the lesser-practiced water sports into consideration. Maui is definitely a great place to ride the waves, but you may also want to try kite surfing and windsurfing.

Kite surfing is one of the best things to do in Maui and involves holding on to a kite while riding a specially designed surfboard, while windsurfing involves holding onto a large sail while standing on a surfboard. Maui has a good climate for each of these types of surfing and there are a couple of places that are just perfect for the activities.

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Wind Surfing

If you are new to the sport the best place to go is Kanaha Beach Park. There is an offshore reef here that makes the waters very calm. You will also get some beautiful views of the ocean as you sail along. Spreckelsville Beach is the best place for intermediate windsurfers because the waters are just wavy enough to make things challenging without making sailing frightening or dangerous.

Kite Surfing

If you have never been kite surfing before, you may want to take a class from Action Sports. The Maui based company offers a 2.5-hour class for $225. The classes start out on land and progress to the water. Once you complete the beginner’s class they also offer more advanced classes.

If you are an expert kite surfer, or you prefer to watch others kite surf, you can head over to the North Shore which is considered an ideal spot for daring Maui surf due to its high winds and tasty waves.

Where to Stay for the Best Maui Surf

After a long day on the water you are sure to want to take a nice hot shower, enjoy a home cooked meal, watch a movie, and sleep in a nice warm bed. You could go to a hotel, but the shower would be tiny, you’d have to go to a restaurant for dinner, you’d be charged extra for the movie, and the bed might come with dirty sheets.

Why not stay in a vacation home provided by Quam Properties. Our homes offer large showers with great water pressure, full kitchens and free cable television. Our bedrooms come with ergonomic mattresses that are draped in fine linen. Our homes go fast, so call us today to book your rental and to learn more about best things to do in Maui.

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