When you think of vacation, you can’t help but think of food, and when you think of a vacation in Hawaii, you can’t help but think of delicious fruits that taste so good you can’t even believe it is nutritious. Hawaii is famous for its coconuts, as the fruit can grow here all year round. If you are visiting the island of Maui, you must make sure your trip includes a visit to Punakea Palms Coconut Farm. The farm got started in 2005 when they planned 250 trees. Here you will see where the large, tasty and nutritious coconuts get their start, find out how they are used, and learn about their health benefits.

The Tour of Punakea Palms

The tour at Punakea Palms begins with a lesson in how to maintain soil for good coconut tree growth. You will learn all about the history of the coconut and the way the fruit was has been used and promoted to make it one of today’s most popular foods. You will then learn the proper way to open a coconut, and you will sit under a tree as you enjoy the fruit’s juice and tasty pulp. You will then learn about the significance of the coconut in the Hawaiian culture. In addition to being used for food and beauty products, the versatile fruit has been used for building materials and textiles.

The farm offers some breathtaking views of the island of Maui and has many beautiful wildflowers on its grounds. The tours of Punakea Palms Coconut Farm run about two hours and are limited to ten people. The tours begin at 9:00 am and tickets cost $49.00 for adults and $39.00 for kids.

As you go about enjoying your Maui vacation you will notice coconut is used in many recipes, from smoothies to pie to sauces for fish.

Where to Stay

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