Hawaii is famous for its beautiful tropical plants, and you will see lovely trees and flowers everywhere you go on the island. The most impressive of all the trees is a Banyan tree that is 150 years old and is so large that it has a park named after it. If you are visiting Maui, you will want to visit this famous tree at Lahaina Banyan Tree Park.

History of the Banyan Tree Park

Planted in April of 1873, the tree commemorated the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Christian missionaries on the island. It was originally a gift from missionaries in India. Lahaina was originally the capitol of Hawaii.

The Banyan tree was only eight feet high when it was planted, and water-filled mayonnaise jars were attached to dangle below the tree’s roots to get it to grow faster.

The tree had grown so large by 1886 that King Kamehameha III actually held his birthday bash under the large branches. Various events have been held under those branches, including the famous Aloha festival.

The Banyan Tree Today

These days, the tree has a massive aerial root and trunk root system. It covers 0.66 acres of land. Aerial roots are roots that are above the ground. They can receive nutrition and water from the air. The aerial roots of this particular tree have descended to the ground and formed new trunks and the tree now has sixteen separate trunks. It is a fig tree that is sixty feet in height and home to many birds. At dusk, the sky blackens, and the park becomes quite noisy with birds returning to the trees.

Banyan Tree Park is a popular place to congregate because it provides shade from the blazing hot sun of this Maui island. People carve their initials into the many trunks of the tree, although the practiced is discouraged.

Where to Stay

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