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From amazing scenery to eventful attractions, Hawaii boasts a wide range of ideal areas for a romantic getaway. One of these parts is Maui, colloquially known as The Valley Isle, considered the most romantic island among the Hawaii Islands. Holding such a feted reputation is no surprise since the island offers breathtaking sunsets, sugar-sandy beaches, and stunning scenery. These fascinating features make the area perfect for romantic excursions and adventures. Whether for a honeymoon, Valentine’s, or wedding, this tropical paradise offers sensual touches to influence your getaway romantically. Here’s how this Hawaiian island ensures you and your partner experience romance along the Pacific. Read on to see all of the romantic things to do in Maui this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Things to Do in Maui this Valentine’s Day

According to Hawaiian culture, sea turtles (honu) symbolize long and good life. These fascinating marine animals swim across the turquoise waters of the Pacific, and you can easily see them with the naked eye while boating in these waters. Another option that gets you close to these amazing sea animals is snorkeling to swim next to them. 

You can hire the services of one of the operators plying Ulua Beach, Honolulu Bay, or Turtle Town. These snorkeling tour services take you directly to the spots swarmed by these marine animals. Besides steering you to these turtle-filled spots, the guides help novice snorkelers wade through these waters. You can manifest good luck in your relationship by snorkeling in these areas. 

Numerous Beaches

Hawaii is famous for its tropical lifestyle, thanks to the numerous beaches stretching along its islands. These powder-soft beaches make the perfect grounds for a relaxed atmosphere and photo ops. The island of Maui is particularly fabled for these exquisite beaches that are better than those on the other islands. You can take a drive along the island’s coastline, experiencing its beaches and the excellent spots lying along the way. 

Beaches like D.T. Fleming are typically quiet and less crowded, making ideal grounds for a romantic picnic. You can enjoy your picnic on the beach’s amenities, including tables facing the ocean. For those who prefer a wild experience, Makena Beach is the perfect place to explore, as it’s more vibrant than D.T. Fleming. 


Hiking in Maui is different compared to most parts of the world. The area’s topography is full of thick bamboo vegetation. Hana, a forested area located east of Maui, is full of trails winding past tall bamboo. You and your partner can hike through this area to experience its enchanting beauty and that of the wildlife inhabiting the area. The climax of this hike occurs at a beautiful waterfall entangled deep in the forested area. 

The experience takes you and your partner past clear pools leading to a dense forest of tall bamboo trees. Chiming sounds caused by the wind blowing on the bamboo poles emanate from the forest, creating an eerie and fascinating phenomenon. As you proceed past the trees, the striking 400-foot-high Waimoku Falls appears in your vicinity. The waterbody’s view amidst the lush, vegetative cover is worth experiencing.  

Enjoy a Couple’s Massage

A romantic getaway in Hawaii is not complete without a couple’s massage session. Unlike most resort areas, kneading your body in Maui is a wholesome experience. Subtle factors such as amazing weather, scenic surroundings, and an accommodating atmosphere make the experience worthwhile. 

You and your partner can enjoy amazing massage services from Maui Deep Tissue Massage, one of the top massage therapy services on the island. Skilled therapists will attend to you and your partner by tenderly kneading your muscles. By the end of the session, your body will feel better and ready for more exploration. 

Candlelit Dinner

Nothing spells out a romantic vacation more than a candlelit dinner in Maui. Numerous restaurants in the area offer diverse options for dining. Establishments like Mama’s Fish House, located on the north shore of Maui Island, offer amazing seafood. You can try the restaurant’s Mama’s fish curry, a signature dish made of salmon, Ahi tuna, and Mahi Mahi. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon or any other romantic occasion in Maui, add this amazing restaurant to your list of where to eat. 

For those that prefer alfresco dining while taking in ocean views, book a candlelit dinner at Wailea Beach Resort. You and your partner can enjoy every minute of the night as a private attendant tends to your needs. Make reservations early to book your oceanfront table beforehand. 

Hover Over Maui

Maui’s striking landscape is worth viewing on a helicopter as the lush green vegetation intertwines with unique natural attractions. You and your partner can enjoy this scenery on one of the helicopter tours offered on the island. The experience is generally a bonding one and connects you to your partner. 

Book Your Luxurious Vacation Rental

A visit to Maui for a romantic getaway inspires love in many ways. You can hike the island’s terrain, swim in its turquoise waters, enjoy the amazing cuisine of some of its restaurants, or enjoy a spa session. Our vacation rentals add luxury to this romantic experience through their excellent amenities. Contact us today to book one of these rentals for your romantic getaway. 

Island life is the only life we ever want to live, and whether you’re visiting Maui for the first time or the millionth time, we are quite sure you will agree with us! Offering a laidback lifestyle and a tropical experience that will speak to your soul, you may find yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the opportunity to participate in some of your favorite activities, no matter what season you visit! This guide to outdoor activities on Maui will ensure that every minute of your stay is packed with fun and adventure and that every night will be as peaceful and comfortable as you dreamed, but only when you stay in one of our Quam Properties vacation escapes, of course!

Visit a Dormant Volcano

Unlike the Big Island on which the volcano is very active, Haleakala National Park is home to Haleakala, a volcano that has been dormant since before the 17th century, making it a very safe and extremely beautiful place to visit. Sunset and sunrise are the most popular times to explore, and as you drive the winding road to the summit, the views become more beautiful the higher you ascend! Located just outside Pukalani, this 33,000-acre park also offers coastal sections that feature freshwater pools visitors love to swim in, so be sure to bring your suits!

The Views May Distract

Golfers from all over the world flock to the world-class courses found on Maui, and the Maui Nui Golf Club is definitely a favorite! The ocean views, however, can be quite distracting, so remember to stay aware of your surroundings as you play on a course that has been described as one of the top 10 overall golf courses by GolfAdvisor.com. Low prices make it popular for visitors traveling on a budget!

Under the Sea Excitement

There’s one experience that nearly everyone who travels to Maui partakes in, snorkeling, with Molokini being the most popular space to explore under the sea! This uninhabited islet is a volcanic crater that is partially under water, and although no people live on its surface, the undersea dwellers have discovered this is the perfect place for them to make their home, making it a stunningly beautiful snorkeling spot!

Fun Outdoor Activities on Maui

Your favorite adventures, however, may end up being the ones you enjoy outside your Quam Properties comfortable vacation home away from home! Offering communal pools, barbecue areas, and views from the patio that never fail to take your breath away, your stay with us will be the happiest part of your Hawaii getaway. Contact us and reserve your stay today!

For many of us, the calendar pages are turning a little more slowly than normal as we ease our way through this epic time-out we’ve been placed in, but as restrictions lift, it’s time to start making plans for your annual summer getaway. You’ve probably been doing virtual tours of all the places you want to visit, and if your journey leads you in the direction of Maui, our Quam Properties summer escapes are happily waiting for your presence! This guide to the summer Maui activities you can enjoy on Maui will ensure that every minute of your getaway will be filled with fun, laughter, and all the action you’ve sorely missed in these last few weeks!

Get Out There and Move

When you’ve been sedentary for far too long, getting out and moving is a treat you will enjoy, especially when your movement takes you to the green courses of the Dunes of Maui Lani Golf Course! Located at 333 Maui Lani Parkway in Kahului, this retro course has been a favorite of golf fans for years and its location on a natural dune offers incredible views that will make up for all the time you’ve spent inside!

Explore the Maui Ocean Center

During the quarantine, virtual tours of aquariums all over the world have made us feel as if we were really there, but now you really can be when you visit the Maui Ocean Center, located at 192 Maalaea Road in Wailuku. Offering over three acres of tropical reef adventures, the Maui Ocean Center is fun for guests of all ages!

Go to the Park

When you want the walls that have surrounded you to completely disappear, a day spent at the Haleakala National Park is the perfect way to perform this disappearance trick! Offering views you’ll never forget and hiking trails that will lead you to the Haleakala Crater, you can pack a lunch and plenty of water and plan on spending many hours at this island paradise. The sunrise views from the crater are most popular, but if crowds or the idea of getting up while it’s still dark out turn you off, the sunset views are life-changing!

Magical Adventures & Fun Maui Activities

No matter how you spend your daylight hours on Maui, coming home to the magic and wonder of our Quam Properties summer escapes will make this getaway an extraordinary one! Reserve your vacation rental today!

It’s true that when we think of a Hawaiian vacation, generally we imagine a trip for lovers or families, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Everyone deserves their time in the sun, and our island paradise has as much to offer the solo traveler as it does young lovers and established families. You work hard all year; wouldn’t it be nice to get away to a place where the sun shines and palm trees sway in the breeze? To be able to work on your tan as the sound of the ocean crashes against the sand is a luxury you can afford and one that you richly deserve. This guide to Maui activities for the solo traveler will ensure this getaway is all you dreamed it could be!

A Peek Under the Sea

If you think about it for a minute or more, you’ll realize that snorkeling is a solitary undertaking anyway, and when you book a snorkeling tour with Maui Snorkeling Tours, you’ll be sure to visit the places with the most undersea action! Meet sea turtles that have been swimming in these waters for years, watch the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish) darting to and fro, and feel the tension melt from your shoulders with the heat of the sun on your back.

Celebrate the Whales

March 1st is when we celebrate the annual migration of the humpback whale in Lahaina, so please join us under the banyan tree for a party that incorporates art, music, the hula, and of course, this gentle giant of the sea! Lasting the entire weekend, it’s also a great time to book a whale watching tour from Lahaina Whale Watch. The memories you make this weekend are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Devour a Gourmet Meal

Dining out can be tricky if you’re traveling without your plus one, but even though our Quam Properties come with fully equipped kitchens, you still want to taste the local culture at least a few times during your stay! Enjoy a focaccia sandwich on a blanket by the surf ordered from Maui Fresh Streatery, our favorite gourmet food truck, or experience a taste tradition when you visit Mama’s Fish House in Paia. Breakfast at the Kihei Café in Kihei is an upbeat and delicious way to start your day, and when you’re craving a sweet treat, a visit to Sugar Beach Bake Shop, also in Kihei, will be just the right fit!

Fun With or Without a Plus One

Your solo journey to Maui is guaranteed to be a memorable one—especially when you choose Quam Properties for your vacation accommodations. Don’t wait any longer, reserve your stay in one of our Maui Eldorado rentals!

Making the most of a Maui getaway can mean many things depending on the traveler. For some, Maui is a Hawaiian destination that’s best explored through flavor. For others, it’s a place perfect for time spent soaking up the sun and relaxing in island style. Whether you’re a visitor that can’t get enough of history, architecture, culture or captivating views, Maui is a vibrant location with a little something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for a comprehensive look at all that makes Maui an amazing place to visit, be sure to book a tour that gives you a taste of the authentic island. Here are a few of the best Maui tours that offer no matter what time of year you arrive.

Mountaintop Sunrise Tour

Maui is brimming over with beautiful vistas, but there’s no better way to start your island day than with a mountaintop sunrise view. Booking a spot on the Mountaintop Sunrise Tour in Haleakala National Park provides participants with options to see the sunrise over the sea from 10,000 feet up in the air. This is an 8-hour tour starting at $176 per person that provides options for driving through stunning landscapes and learning about the history and culture that define this impressive national park.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Hop aboard a luxurious catamaran and enjoy a romantic sunset dinner cruise when you’re in Maui next to the one you love most. This cruise lasts 2.5 hours and makes the most of the captivating coastline of Ka’anapali which encompasses the western border of the island. A world-class chef waits to greet guests with a delicious dinner that’s made all the more savory with the addition of an open bar. Grab a glass of champagne as the sun goes down and enjoy a beautiful moment in Maui. This tour departs regularly from the beach in front of Leilani’s Restaurant at Whalers Village.

Hana Helicopter Tour

The rainforests, volcanoes, and waterfalls that make up the landscape of Maui are well-worth exploring and made that much more exciting when viewed from above. Booking this 75-minute Hana rainforest helicopter tour is an amazing way to see the sights the island offers up with a side of adrenaline-pumping thrills. Begin the tour with a bit of hiking on foot before jumping into a helicopter alongside a knowledgeable pilot as you soar over incredible natural features including Jurassic Rock. Helicopter tours depart from Kahului Airport and are sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

Book a Stay Today

There’s no need to wait when Maui is calling. Make it an incredible visit by booking accommodations with Quam Properties. Our team is here to make sure you’re living your best island life from the moment you arrive. Contact us for more information on our portfolio of options today!

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a week-long vacation. Some or our hardest working guests can only get away for a few days at a time, but that doesn’t mean a Maui escape is not in their future! While you won’t get to see and do everything our island paradise has to offer, if you follow this guide, you’ll see the best Maui attractions and experience a trip you won’t ever forget in just three days!

Day 1: Paradise Waits for No One

Since you only have three days to spend in Maui, sleeping in late is not an option; you’ve got places to go and things to see! Start with breakfast at Charley’s Restaurant & Saloon, 142 Hana Highway in Paia, where the Flat Iron Steak and Eggs are locally sourced and the Bloody Marys offer a happy start to the day. Just have one, though; we want you to remember your island getaway! Fully fueled and ready to go, your first day is going to be all about the Road to Hana. From a trip to the black sand beach to the Puohokamoa Falls to a swim in Ching’s Pond, your adventures on this well-traveled road will be exciting ones! Ending your tour with a visit to the Seven Sacred Pools will be the cherry on the top of your very delicious sundae, and something you won’t ever forget. It’s definitely one of the best places to visit when you’re trying to see the best Maui attractions!

Day 2: Under the Sea

The beauty of the Maui landscape can only be surpassed by the breathtaking magic found under the sea, and the best way to truly appreciate this is by snorkeling. Anywhere you choose to snorkel in Maui is guaranteed to be thrilling, but the top three snorkeling spots, in our humble opinion, are Kaanapali Beach, Molokini Crater—where the water is amongst the clearest in the world—and Honolua Bay. There’s so much beauty in the waters that surround our island, it’s no wonder that snorkeling is the number one tourist activity. Finish up day number two with a sunset cruise with Sea Maui; if you’re visiting from December through April, whale watching is a part of the show!

Day 3: Maui History Comes to Life

As you prepare to leave paradise, your last day will be spent discovering Maui history. You could potentially spend the entire day at the Bailey House Museum(2375 Main St A, Wailuku), being as it is the largest and the oldest museum on Maui, but you might want to leave room for a visit to the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum at 3957 Hansen Rd, Puunene, often termed the most popular museum on the island.And as the sun begins its slow descent into the sea, we’ve saved the best adventure for last:an evening spent at a traditional luau. You’ll have many options, but our favorite has always been the Old Lahaina Luau.Honoring the customs of our ancestors, there are no fire dancers, but this luau is the most authentic one and is the perfect way to end your day of history on Maui.

See the Best Maui Attractions with Quam Properties

Your adventures in Maui will be enhanced when you choose Quam Properties for your vacation accommodations. Comfortable, stylish, and designed for families, couples, friends, or any combination of the three, reserve yours today for the perfect Maui getaway! We offer a wide selection of rentals, including ours at Papakea Resort.

If you are looking for some of the best locations to snorkel around the Hawaiian Islands, look no further than Maui. This incredible vacation spot features some of the best beaches that include an underwater universe that must be seen to be believed. Maui is often visited by majestic creatures such as whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of fish that can be viewed during the right time and with the right guide. Here is what you need to know about the best snorkel spots in Maui:

The Best Snorkel Spots in Maui

When it comes to finding the best spots, it is as easy as asking the locals for where to go. The top-rated spots for snorkeling around Maui include Molokini Crater, Black Rock, La Perouse, Honolua Bay, Coral Gardens, and more. These specific locations are chosen due to their high visibility underwater and the abundance of sea life swimming around. Most of these locations can be enjoyed just by swimming out from land and diving underwater. Some are best reached by booking a snorkeling guide that will take you where you need to go. It is best to keep to the south and west-facing shores so you can stay in calmer waters.

Booking a Snorkeling Adventure

Maui has tons of local guides and cruises that will take you around these snorkeling hot spots. When trekking to Molokini Crater, check out the professionals at Molokini Snorkeling Adventure. Their cruise aboard the Calypso will take you on a five-and-a-half-hour journey through the Molokini Crater where you can see over 200 different kinds of fish. For a more intimate experience, Honolua Bay Snorkel Sail will take you to Honolua Bay in their compact sailboat for five hours. The search for the right snorkeling guide for the best snorkel spots in Maui can be daunting with so many options available, so make sure to do your research.

Where to Get the Gear

Snorkeling cruises and guides will often provide you with all the gear needed for your adventure. But if you instead want to go snorkeling on your own, stop by the Maui Snorkel Store for all your needs. You can select from some of the best rental gear in the industry and rent by the hour.

Your Maui Adventure

Enjoy your upcoming trip to Maui in one of our luxury vacation rentals found around the island. You can enjoy a variety of amenities and home features that will have you relaxing during your time not splashing around the water. Book online or let us help you find the perfect vacation rental for your next Maui adventure.

Why leave the Maui, Hawaii excursions to just the summer months when you can enjoy an endless supply of activities and events during the winter? Maui continues to be a visitor highlight for the Hawaiian Islands and features exciting things you need to try out. Here are some of the best activities and events to check out during winter In Maui season:

Erdman Maui 7’s Invitational

Come see some of the best high school and college level rugby teams battle it out on the field for the annual Erdman Maui 7’s Invitational. This exciting event lets you watch high-stakes rugby games, check out the local colleges, and even meet the coaches! The Erdman Maui 7’s Invitational will take place over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend from January 17-19, 2019.

Relax Outside In Maui This Winter

The weather during the winter season is perfect for relaxing outdoors with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to lows in the 60s. While some might consider this to be sweater weather, you can easily relax outdoors for hours on end at the beach, hiking up one of the many local trails, or on one of the several beachside restaurant patios with a beverage in hand.

Maui Sunday Market

Every Sunday afternoon from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, you can explore the popular Maui Sunday Market. This weekly event showcases local island vendors from food purveyors, crafters, and artisans to live entertainment. Check out the Maui Sunday Market at the Kahului Shopping Center.

Entertainment Shows At The Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Take a break from exploring the beautiful outdoors of Winter in Maui and relax to a night of live entertainment. The Maui Arts & Cultural Center has an exciting lineup of musicians and comedians this winter season including Slightly Stoopid, Anjelah Johnson: More of Me Tour, and David Sedaris. This goes on and on at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, so book your tickets before they sell out!

Maui Open Studio Weekend

Take a self-guided tour of local artist exhibits and studios during the Maui Open Studio Weekend. You can view local artists as they are engaged in their craft or listen to what inspires their journey. The event also includes live demonstrations, live entertainment, and even complimentary refreshments are certain studios. This event is perfect for anyone who is in love with the arts!

Book a Stay with Quam Properties in Winter this Maui

Come see why Maui continues to be a winter paradise with a trip this holiday season. You can find the perfect vacation rental for your stay this Winter in Maui from Quam Properties. We offer a variety of luxury vacation rentals, including ours at Papakea Resort, that are perfect for families of all sizes and are close to all of the exciting activities found on the island. Make your Maui getaway one to remember by choosing Quam Properties for your travel plans.