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As summer draws closer, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do for the holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and our personal favorite, Independence Day. Symbolizing all that is wonderful about our country, 4th of July is all about ice cream, fireworks, and that wonderful little thing called freedom, and when you spend your long weekend with us (July 4th is on a Thursday this year, so why not get away for four days or more and really whoop it up?), your tropical escape will really make you proud to be an American. Follow this guide and prepare for the party of the decade with a Maui 4th of July!

The All-American Breakfast

Whether you want to make it yourself in the fully equipped kitchen of your Quam Properties getaway or simply want to be comfortably served at the restaurant of your choice, an all-American breakfast is the perfect way to start the celebration. Slappy Cakes, found at 3350 Lower Honoapiilani Road #701 in Lahaina, offers an ever-changing menu of special batters for special occasions. Does that include the opportunity to make your own red, white, and blue ones? You’ll just have to stop by and see for yourself!

Buy a Little Something for America?

Birthdays are fun to shop for, even if it’s an entire country you’re shopping for, and the July 4th Weekend Sale at the Outlets of Maui, 900 Front Street in Lahaina, allows you to save some money as you shop for gifts, souvenirs, or that sweet little something you never knew you needed until you saw it in the window! The sale lasts all four days of the long weekend, leaving you plenty of time to chill at the beach!

Lahaina Maui 4th of July Celebration

Starting at 10 AM on the Maui 4th of July and lasting late into the night, the entire day is set aside for celebrating, featuring more shopping, live entertainment, delicious food, and after the sun has set, a fantastic fireworks finale that can be viewed from anywhere in town—including the balcony of your Hawaii holiday escape, should yours happen to be facing the correct way!

Every Year is Better

This year, the only thing better than the “birthday party” Maui throws for our country is being able to stay in one of our Quam Properties luxury vacation rentals, including our properties at Papakea Resort! Rent yours today and celebrate your freedom with class and style in spaces designed to not just meet today’s traveler’s needs, but to exceed them in ways you never dreamed possible!