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The world we are living in today has definitely changed in the last few weeks! With the arrival of COVID-19, many of us are working from home offices, some of us aren’t working at all, and all of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before! Quarantining, self-quarantining, sheltering in place, or simply being grounded—whatever you choose to call this pause in activities, boredom may be causing you to climb the walls in frustration! And because we get it, we at Quam Properties are facing the same issues in our own homes, we thought we’d save a little bit of our sanity and yours by creating this guide to online resources for at-home entertainment. Even as our walls may be closing in around us, the internet has created a world without boundaries and these entertainment options may expand your horizons as they help keep peace in your little corner of the world!

Hawaii State Public Library System

Libraries are once again gaining importance as we turn to their digital resources for entertainment and education, and the Hawaii State Public Library System has just launched an on-demand video streaming service for its patrons. Kanopy is the name of this service, and details on how to take part in the fun can be found on the library website, but with a few simple clicks of the mouse, you’ll have access to a new source of family friendly movies and television shows, including some of your kids’ favorites!

Take a Virtual Tour of Paradise

Maybe you had to postpone your Maui getaway or maybe you just want a sneak peek of an upcoming visit; in either case, spending some time taking a virtual tour of Maui and all the Hawaiian Islands can be a pleasant escape from the monotony of same old same old! Tour de Force 360 offers a library of virtual tours from all over the world, but to be honest, our favorites are the ones that involve our exquisite island!

Visit Your Favorite Museums While Still Wearing Your Pajamas

This last tip isn’t Hawaii-centric, but it’s definitely a cure for the travel blues! Many of your favorite museums from all over the world (2500 at last count!) are offering virtual tours and Google Street Views for your entertainment pleasure! Spend a day roaming the exhibits at the Guggenheim in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and lose yourself in the beauty of art created by the masters over the centuries.

When Life Returns to Normal

Obviously these troubled times won’t last forever, and when the day arrives that you can freely enjoy coffee dates with your friends, a night out at the theater with your spouse, and the borders of the world are opened for travel again, we at Quam Properties will be here waiting happily for your return! Stay safe and enjoy at-home entertainment!