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Easter is supposed to be a spring holiday, but even though the calendar may say spring has arrived, for many people throughout the world Easter is held on a day filled with snow, slush, and cold! Spring is more of a suggestion to our northern friends and celebrating in seasonal clothing can be a mistake—unless you choose to spend your 2020 Easter on Maui island! Offering tropical days filled with warm ocean breezes, true blue skies, and the sun smiling down from above, your Maui Easter celebration promises to make memories you will never forget. This guide will ensure that every minute is filled with love, laughter, and of course, family!

Sunrise Celebrations

The decision to attend church is a very personal one, and during Easter it can be the reason you choose not to travel, feeling more comfortable in your own church home. The churches of Maui, however, are an integral part of the island and their historical significance can add to the beauty you feel during sunrise services. Keawala’i Church at 5300 Makena Rd in Kihei was built in 1882 and will be offering a sunrise service beginning at 7:30 AM. If you really want to experience a glimpse of Maui history, being able to see where Christianity began on our island offers the perfect start to your Easter Sunday; Waiola Church Lahaina, located at 535 Wainee Street in Lahaina, is where it all started back in 1823. Finally, Harvest at Kumulani Chapel is a great option for our guests staying on the Kapalua side; find it at 1000 Kapalua Dr.

Easter Brunch

After church, hunger pangs can get real, and when it’s Easter, the cravings for brunch are strong. This year we think you should try something a little different and take part in the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Easter Brunch cruise! Departing from Lahaina and lasting about two hours, it includes a delicious buffet, alcoholic beverages, and the opportunity to spot dolphins and/or whales frolicking in the waters!

The Search for Eggs

Your children are probably wondering about the very important hunt for eggs and even though you may be enjoying the comforts of our Quam Properties holiday escapes, you won’t have to skip the search! Most of the local resorts will offer an egg hunt if you want to go out, but because sometimes you just want to stay in, hiding eggs in your holiday hideaway allows you to stay comfortable while showing your children the traditions are important no matter where you are!

Hop on Over for Easter on Maui!

Your Easter celebration will be filled with love, laughter, and much needed warmth when you choose Maui and our Quam Properties vacation rentals. Reserve yours today!