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Springtime Journey To Maui


There is nothing quite like Maui in the springtime, especially Maui in April. The weather is neither too hot or too cold and there is an occasional light rain resulting in many beautiful rainbows around the island. All the flowers are in bloom and the Plumeria and Jacaranda trees are in their utmost glory. It is the perfect time for a Hawaiian vacation, as there are many festivals on the island. There is much to do in Maui any time of year, so you should plan well in advance.

Festivals- Things To Do In Maui In April

What is May Day to the rest of the country is Lei Day in our fiftieth state. While the rest of the country is out protesting economic inequity and promoting labor rights, Hawaiians are celebrating the aloha. Hawaiians make their signature leis out of the flowers that are in bloom in May and each island makes leis out of a special flower. On Maui, that flower is the Lokelani, which is a bright pink color.
If you would rather eat than make leis, you can attend the Kapalua Wine and Food Festival that takes place in June. You may think of wine as being made from grapes, but many Hawaiian wines are made with pineapple, and there is plenty of that wine at this festival. You will get to pair that wine with food from some of the island’s best restaurants.

The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is one of the most famous scenic drives in America and it is especially beautiful in the spring when all the flowers are in full bloom. It is also a very dangerous drive to take, with its narrow lanes and many cliffs. There are some local professional drivers who can take you on this trip. You will want to take your time and stop at each of the lookouts, where you are sure to get beautiful pictures. Click here to check out the Lahaina Banyan Tree Park.


Fruits and vegetables are at their very best in the Hawaiian spring and you will want to make sure to put away all you can when you visit the island because you are not allowed to take them back to the lower 48. You may think you know what bananas and avocados taste like, but they are respectively sweeter and creamier when they come from Maui.

Where to Stay

There are a lot of rental homes in Maui and you deserve the very best. The Maui experts at Quam Properties can find you the perfect place to stay. Click here or call us today at 808-665-1315.