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Health and Wellness Journey To Maui

The calming effects of the ocean, sunshine, and the gentle spirit of the people make Hawaii the perfect place for a health and wellness getaway. This island offers many different wellness and Maui fitness options. Travelers come to Maui all year long and planning your wellness sessions in advance will eliminate much of the stress that comes with traveling. Many health and wellness practices here are influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture, while some come from traditional Polynesian practices. Here are just a few of the best health and wellness options on the island.

Maui Healing Retreat

This company offers both single and package health treatments. Some of the more unusual and intriguing treatments include Qi Gong, which is an exercise practice that is meant to promote healing with one slow movement at a time. This is a popular Maui fitness practice. The company will provide an instructor to guide you through a series of movements, and you can use those movements at home. They also offer Meridian Energetic Healing and Chakra Clearing. This involves a practitioner pressing on seven areas of your body called chakras. The various chakras are said to be connected to various issues in your life. You can also attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony, where you will see the ritual of using tea, color, and motion to evoke Zen, which is defined as “the ultimate reality.”

Lumeria Maui– Maui Spa

This healing center is located on a former plantation and specializes in traditional Hawaiian health practices. Here you can get a Lomi Lomi Pohaku Massage, which involves using hot stones representing the elements of earth, fire, air, and water to eliminate tension. Aqua Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment performed at sunrise and is similar to a Maui spa experience. It involves standing in waist-high water while a practitioner performs craniosacral therapy, which is a manipulation of the head and spine. If you love action and stimulating your mind, soul, and body, click here to learn more about our bike tours!

Where to Stay

There is nothing particularly relaxing about spending your vacation in a tiny hotel or motel room. You and your family deserve a place where you can really relax and reflect on all you take away from your therapy session. The vacation specialists at Quam Properties can find you the perfect place to stay. We have big living rooms where you can sit in comfortable chairs and bond with your loved ones, fully equipped kitchens where you can make an organic meal with fresh Hawaiian fruits and vegetables, and private bedrooms where you can dream of your next healing day on Maui. Our homes go fast, so click here or call us today at 808-665-1315.