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Adventure Seeker’s Journey To Maui

When you hear the word Maui, you can’t help but think of all the surfing and hiking that the island has to offer. But you go hiking, boating and surfing all the time. You are going on vacation and you are looking to turn things up a notch. You are an adventure seeker, and you are looking for some thills to make your Maui vacation unforgettable. There are a ton of Maui adventures for you to explore! Fortunately, Maui offers plenty of ziplining, mountain climbing, and extreme water sports to make your Hawaiian vacation one you will remember forever.

Ziplining- Maui Adventures

There are many ziplining companies on Maui. One of the best is Flyin’ Hawaiian. They offer eight different lines that are all at least half a mile long. You get a lot for your money, as you will have four hours of fun on your adventure. You will have views of both the north and south island on these lines, and one of the zip lines lets you fly above the island at 3,600 feet. You will see mountains and valleys and get some beautiful pictures to take home. Click here to check out adventurous zip lining tours.


Maui is famous for its scuba diving and snorkeling. These are one of the most popular things to do in Maui HA. The south side of the island offers Molokini Crater, which is known for its magnificent depth. When you dive here you will see sharks and eels and a lot of cauliflower coral. There are also shark condos here where sharks hide in underwater caves.
If you want even more of an adventure you can go cliff diving. Black Rock, Ka’anapali is a great place for your first jump, as it is not too difficult. They have a nightly ceremony where the locals light torches and dive off the cliffs.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is another one of our favorite things to do in Maui HA. Black Rock offers some great mountaineering activities. The Black Rock Traverse will let you climb on the jagged rock right above the water. The back side of the rock is also above the water and is much more challenging. The rock on this side is smooth and often slippery when wet and the platform is right at water level.

Where to Stay

After a day of outdoor adventure, you deserve a clean and quiet place to stay. The rental professionals at Quam Properties can find you a home that is perfect for your Maui vacation. We offer living rooms with lots of seating and flat-screen televisions for watching a movie after your fun-filled, but exhausting day. You will get a good night’s sleep in one of our comfortable beds and you can take a long hot soak in one of our sunken tubs. Our homes go fast, so give us a call today at 808-665-1315. Click here to find your perfect vacation home.