Now that you have made it to heaven – otherwise known as Maui – it’s time to have some fun! And, Aloha Kayaks Maui is the place to call for year round kayaking, snorkeling and paddleboard adventures. With tours focusing in ocean and land ecology, and the Hawaiian culture, Aloha Kayaks Maui tours enlighten while providing a fun, enjoyable way to experience the beautiful, clear waters and reef system around Maui.

Experience The Best Kayaking in Maui

Aloha Kayak Maui offers tours setting off from two Maui locations: Olowalu and Makena Beach. From the south side of Maui at Makena Beach, you can choose a Kayak and Snorkel Tour, Makena Turtle Kayak and Snorkeling Tour, or the Whale Watch Kayak and Snorkel Tour. From the windier west side of the island, Olowalu, choose from several kayak and snorkeling tours focusing on the colorful fringe reef.

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If you are visiting the island from mid-December to mid-April, schedule a whale watch kayak tour! Humpback whales migrate to the ocean waters around Maui for mating and birthing calves during these months. This is your chance to see these magnificent creatures from a totally new perspective!

Aloha Kayaks Maui offers both private tours and group excursions on kayaks or paddleboards. Their mission is to protect the oceans for future generations and their sustainable tour company practices what they preach. They minimize the human impact on the fragile reef and island ecosystems by using non-motorized boats, reusable water bottles, requesting minimizing the use of sunscreen and using earth-friendly cleaners.

Tours start early in the morning and last for several hours. After getting outfitted for your tour and a brief overview of basic kayak pointers and techniques, you’re ready to hit the water. While quietly paddling your kayak or snorkeling along the reef, keep an eye out for the local marine life. The large pacific green sea turtle, with its smooth, heart-shaped shell, is a year-round resident of these waters. Other marine life you may see include dolphins, eels, octopus, trigger fish, butterflyfish, surgeon fish, sea urchins, rays, and of course, the Hawaiian state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a or reef triggerfish—humuhumu for short. Be sure to experience the best kayaking in Maui while you are here.

Give Aloha Kayaks Maui a call and get ready to make some memorable experiences in the beautiful oceans around Maui! Take a look at their Facebook or Instagram pages for an idea of the fun you’ll be having!

Staying on Maui

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