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Maui Activities for a Solo Traveler

It’s true that when we think of a Hawaiian vacation, generally we imagine a trip for lovers or families, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Everyone deserves their time in the sun, and our island paradise has as much to offer the solo traveler as it does young lovers and established families. You work hard all year; wouldn’t it be nice to get away to a place where the sun shines and palm trees sway in the breeze? To be able to work on your tan as the sound of the ocean crashes against the sand is a luxury you can afford and one that you richly deserve. This guide to Maui activities for the solo traveler will ensure this getaway is all you dreamed it could be!

A Peek Under the Sea

If you think about it for a minute or more, you’ll realize that snorkeling is a solitary undertaking anyway, and when you book a snorkeling tour with Maui Snorkeling Tours, you’ll be sure to visit the places with the most undersea action! Meet sea turtles that have been swimming in these waters for years, watch the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish) darting to and fro, and feel the tension melt from your shoulders with the heat of the sun on your back.

Celebrate the Whales

March 1st is when we celebrate the annual migration of the humpback whale in Lahaina, so please join us under the banyan tree for a party that incorporates art, music, the hula, and of course, this gentle giant of the sea! Lasting the entire weekend, it’s also a great time to book a whale watching tour from Lahaina Whale Watch. The memories you make this weekend are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Devour a Gourmet Meal

Dining out can be tricky if you’re traveling without your plus one, but even though our Quam Properties come with fully equipped kitchens, you still want to taste the local culture at least a few times during your stay! Enjoy a focaccia sandwich on a blanket by the surf ordered from Maui Fresh Streatery, our favorite gourmet food truck, or experience a taste tradition when you visit Mama’s Fish House in Paia. Breakfast at the Kihei Café in Kihei is an upbeat and delicious way to start your day, and when you’re craving a sweet treat, a visit to Sugar Beach Bake Shop, also in Kihei, will be just the right fit!

Fun With or Without a Plus One

Your solo journey to Maui is guaranteed to be a memorable one—especially when you choose Quam Properties for your vacation accommodations. Don’t wait any longer, reserve your stay in one of our Maui Eldorado rentals!