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Enjoy These Romantic Things to Do in Maui this Valentine’s Day!

From amazing scenery to eventful attractions, Hawaii boasts a wide range of ideal areas for a romantic getaway. One of these parts is Maui, colloquially known as The Valley Isle, considered the most romantic island among the Hawaii Islands. Holding such a feted reputation is no surprise since the island offers breathtaking sunsets, sugar-sandy beaches, and stunning scenery. These fascinating features make the area perfect for romantic excursions and adventures. Whether for a honeymoon, Valentine’s, or wedding, this tropical paradise offers sensual touches to influence your getaway romantically. Here’s how this Hawaiian island ensures you and your partner experience romance along the Pacific. Read on to see all of the romantic things to do in Maui this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Things to Do in Maui this Valentine’s Day

According to Hawaiian culture, sea turtles (honu) symbolize long and good life. These fascinating marine animals swim across the turquoise waters of the Pacific, and you can easily see them with the naked eye while boating in these waters. Another option that gets you close to these amazing sea animals is snorkeling to swim next to them. 

You can hire the services of one of the operators plying Ulua Beach, Honolulu Bay, or Turtle Town. These snorkeling tour services take you directly to the spots swarmed by these marine animals. Besides steering you to these turtle-filled spots, the guides help novice snorkelers wade through these waters. You can manifest good luck in your relationship by snorkeling in these areas. 

Numerous Beaches

Hawaii is famous for its tropical lifestyle, thanks to the numerous beaches stretching along its islands. These powder-soft beaches make the perfect grounds for a relaxed atmosphere and photo ops. The island of Maui is particularly fabled for these exquisite beaches that are better than those on the other islands. You can take a drive along the island’s coastline, experiencing its beaches and the excellent spots lying along the way. 

Beaches like D.T. Fleming are typically quiet and less crowded, making ideal grounds for a romantic picnic. You can enjoy your picnic on the beach’s amenities, including tables facing the ocean. For those who prefer a wild experience, Makena Beach is the perfect place to explore, as it’s more vibrant than D.T. Fleming. 


Hiking in Maui is different compared to most parts of the world. The area’s topography is full of thick bamboo vegetation. Hana, a forested area located east of Maui, is full of trails winding past tall bamboo. You and your partner can hike through this area to experience its enchanting beauty and that of the wildlife inhabiting the area. The climax of this hike occurs at a beautiful waterfall entangled deep in the forested area. 

The experience takes you and your partner past clear pools leading to a dense forest of tall bamboo trees. Chiming sounds caused by the wind blowing on the bamboo poles emanate from the forest, creating an eerie and fascinating phenomenon. As you proceed past the trees, the striking 400-foot-high Waimoku Falls appears in your vicinity. The waterbody’s view amidst the lush, vegetative cover is worth experiencing.  

Enjoy a Couple’s Massage

A romantic getaway in Hawaii is not complete without a couple’s massage session. Unlike most resort areas, kneading your body in Maui is a wholesome experience. Subtle factors such as amazing weather, scenic surroundings, and an accommodating atmosphere make the experience worthwhile. 

You and your partner can enjoy amazing massage services from Maui Deep Tissue Massage, one of the top massage therapy services on the island. Skilled therapists will attend to you and your partner by tenderly kneading your muscles. By the end of the session, your body will feel better and ready for more exploration. 

Candlelit Dinner

Nothing spells out a romantic vacation more than a candlelit dinner in Maui. Numerous restaurants in the area offer diverse options for dining. Establishments like Mama’s Fish House, located on the north shore of Maui Island, offer amazing seafood. You can try the restaurant’s Mama’s fish curry, a signature dish made of salmon, Ahi tuna, and Mahi Mahi. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon or any other romantic occasion in Maui, add this amazing restaurant to your list of where to eat. 

For those that prefer alfresco dining while taking in ocean views, book a candlelit dinner at Wailea Beach Resort. You and your partner can enjoy every minute of the night as a private attendant tends to your needs. Make reservations early to book your oceanfront table beforehand. 

Hover Over Maui

Maui’s striking landscape is worth viewing on a helicopter as the lush green vegetation intertwines with unique natural attractions. You and your partner can enjoy this scenery on one of the helicopter tours offered on the island. The experience is generally a bonding one and connects you to your partner. 

Book Your Luxurious Vacation Rental

A visit to Maui for a romantic getaway inspires love in many ways. You can hike the island’s terrain, swim in its turquoise waters, enjoy the amazing cuisine of some of its restaurants, or enjoy a spa session. Our vacation rentals add luxury to this romantic experience through their excellent amenities. Contact us today to book one of these rentals for your romantic getaway.