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If you’ve ever dreamed of a Hawaiian vacation, you’ve probably imagined a beautiful ocean view out your window and palm trees all around. If you’ve dreamed of a Hawaiian vacation, you’ve imagined Hololani Resort. Located in Kahana, Hololani translates to “Gone to Heaven” and it will feel like exactly that when you stay at this breathtaking resort. Whether you’re in search of adrenaline-pumping things to do or would like to go where the wind takes you, this is the place to be. Our properties at Hololani Resort feature beautiful furnishing, open floor plans, stunning views, and upgraded appliances. Discover what makes Hololani Resort your dream destination and book a property at Hololani Resort.

Book a Property at Hololani Resort

Location is key when deciding where to plan your next vacation. At Hololani Resort, you’re near all of the action without feeling like it. This Maui oceanfront resort is the perfect place to visit when you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests can relax poolside with a fresh fruit bowl or stroll down to the beach for a variety of exciting water activities. Guests can go snorkeling in the calm blue waters, catch the breathtaking sunsets, swim along the current, or simply sunbathe under the Hawaiian sun. In this slice of paradise, you have it all but when you’re ready to go exploring, you have endless options at your fingertips. Only a short drive away is the famous Maui beaches, award-winning Maui golf courses, the Kahana Gateway Plaza, Lahaina Town and Harbor, Whalers Village, and Kaanapali Beach. If you’re up for an adventure and willing to break a sweat in search of breathtaking views, then be sure to hike Haleakala Crater. The great thing about this hike is it’s as long as you would like. The longer you go, the more you see but regardless of how much time you put into it, you won’t regret it. 


Hololani Resort features oceanfront two-bedroom condos perfect for a romantic getaway or a trip with friends and family. Each unit was designed to feel like home, offering guests comfort, style, and convenience. Enjoy fully equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, and in-suite washers and dryers. Once you enter the units, you’ll be greeted by an overall sense of calm and happiness. The open floor plans welcome natural sunlight from the large windows throughout the units. Inside these properties are beautiful furnishings, including pull-out sofas, armchairs, queen-sized beds, dining room tables, nightstands, and more. Once you step outside you’ll discover where the real magic is – the patio. Enjoy your morning coffee or an evening drink as you watch for dolphins in the water right below you. As much as you’ll enjoy exploring Hololani Resort and the surrounding area, you’ll love relaxing in your very own home away from home filled with everything you could need. 


Hololani Resort is a top destination not only for its beautiful two-bedroom properties but for the surrounding area as well. Whether you’re looking to go scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, or shopping, you’ll realize it’s all within reach. 

Launiupoko Beach Park

If you’re bringing the family to Maui, then be sure to visit Launiupoko Beach Park. Considered to be one of Maui’s most family-friendly beaches, it’s the perfect place for children to safely play in the water without the stress of larger waves. Not only is this beach park a great place for children but surfing and paddle boarding as well. Whether you’re a professional or just getting the hang of how to surf and paddle, you’ll find this is a great spot.  


After a day spent soaking up the sun, take a trip to Lahaina. This popular town offers guests a variety of restaurants and shops. Once the sun sets, this town comes to life with its vibrant nightlife. Visitors can explore popular bars and breweries, including the Maui Brewing Company, Monkey Pod Kitchen, South Shore Tiki Lounge, and the popular “local dive bar” The Sly Mongoose. 

Home Away From Home

However long you spend in Maui, you’re sure to experience a trip of a lifetime! From the area’s beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, exciting activities, and amazing culture, it’s no surprise that Maui attracts thousands of visitors every year. After a day of exploring the natural beauty around you, continue to make long-lasting memories at Hololani Resort. This beautiful resort is the perfect retreat when it’s time to rest and gear up for the following day. Our team at Quam Properties is here to answer any questions you may have about the community or island and to provide you with the perfect home away from home. Contact our team of reservation specialists to learn about all of the attractions and activities waiting for you in paradise and took book your stay at Hololani Resort. See you soon in Maui! 

Although outdoor temperatures may not show it, fall is just a few short weeks away, and we are definitely ready for the change of seasons! It’s not just the cooler temperatures that make us wish the season would hurry up and get here, however, as Maui temps pretty much stay the same year-round. We won’t get into the finer details of how ready for the end of this year we are, but we will say if your personal journey brings you to our doorstep, this guide will ensure that every minute of your getaway to Maui is filled with all the fun you deserve!

Best Time to Visit

Maui in the fall is one of our favorite times of the year, and when you experience it for the first time, you’ll understand why! The crowds generally dwindle down as summer vacations end and children head back to school, so don’t be surprised if you feel as if you are exploring your own private island! In September, the temperatures tend to stay in the high 70s, but the end of the rainy season means you can spend more time outside, exploring the beauty of our natural landscape without having to worry about toting an umbrella! Slip on your most comfortable hiking boots and head to the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park; the trail ends at the 400-foot-high Waimoku Falls and offers breathtaking views, challenging exercise, and the perfect spot for a picnic and some extra special selfies taken in front of the falls!

October Excitement On Your Getaway to Maui

As the temperatures plummet to the mid-70s, we islanders are ramping up for the holiday season that begins with Halloween, and while you may catch a glimpse of some Christmas accessories starting to make their appearance in the stores, it still feels fall-like everywhere you visit! The Pumpkin Patch at Kula Country Farms opens October 1st with plenty of care being taken to maintain safety in the times of COVID-19. Costing $3 per person (2 and under are free), this is where you can buy fall produce—including a pumpkin to decorate your Quam Properties escape—and your younger kids can enjoy the fun of having their face painted.

Falling for Fall in Maui

Fall brings lots to be thankful for, and while you may not think of Hawaii as being the traditional fall-like environment, every day you spend in paradise will have you falling deeper in love with the season! Reserve your Quam Properties holiday hideaway with us today.

The beginning of 2020 definitely didn’t turn out the way any of us imagined it might as we drank champagne toasts and watched the ball drop at Times Square during the countdown to midnight. The adventures we dreamed of having, however, weren’t gone forever, and although we were in the midst of a worldwide time out, we used that time to plan for the days when restrictions lifted and borders reopened. We’re in the early stages of this new normalcy, and if your journey is bringing you across the ocean to one of our clean and spacious Quam Properties vacation rentals on Maui, we’d like to take this time to tell you about the changes we have made for your health and safety.

Still Gorgeous and Comfortable

Change can be a good thing, especially as we aren’t changing anything that drew you to us in the first place. The kitchens are still fully equipped and act as the heart of the home, but more attention is paid to disinfecting EVERY surface, including light switches, knobs, handles, cabinets, countertops, and all appliances (large and small). Living areas with comfy couches and soft fabrics are sanitized often, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the big game on television (remotes are disinfected as well) without worrying about the virus that has been at the forefront of our minds for far too long. Deep and dreamless sleep is another luxury you’ll discover in our Quam Properties vacation properties. As with the rest of the house, every surface and material has been cleaned, sanitized and/or disinfected, so shut down your brain and let the ebb and flow of the ocean be the lullaby that sings you to sleep!

Book One of Our Clean and Spacious Vacation Rentals on Maui

Many travelers don’t think to look at vacation properties for their getaways, not realizing how much a home or condo can make a difference in their stay, but you, dear guest, realize there is only one clear choice, especially as we work diligently to make these spaces healthy and safe! Having the space for privacy, peace, and quiet helps prepare a traveler for the adventures that await them each day, and Quam Properties understands and provides each home and condo with luxuries that will make your stay even better! Reserve yours today and discover how much more wonderful your visit to Maui can be.

Some of our visitors aren’t here for a quick in and out vacation. For a variety of reasons, their stay in paradise is for the long-term, and when that happens, Quam Properties is the only place they turn to for accommodations. We understand and cater to the special needs of a long-term renter, offering the same luxury and style as we do for a typical vacation rental, but with all the extras you won’t want to live without! And because we don’t expect you to take our word, this guide to our long-term rentals on Maui offers all the proof you will need!

Living Comfortably in One of Our Long-Term Rentals on Maui

From the fully equipped kitchens with upgraded appliances to the bedroom retreats that will help you sleep deep, your long-term stay in a Quam Properties vacation escape will offer luxurious surprises around every corner. Smaller luxuries that include blenders for making Mai Tais, plush and comfy sofas for quick naps in front of the television, and deep tubs designed to help soak away all your troubles are always appreciated and never underestimated. The dishwashers and washer and dryers in the units will lessen your chore load, and the free internet will make it easy to keep up with your workload when out of the office for an extended period of time. We want you to feel at home with us!

Feeling comfortable during your stay is a concept that involves more than seating and sleeping spaces; it involves being able to gather around the dining room table for a family meal, reading your children to sleep in bedrooms that are cheerful and bright, and watching the sun set over the ocean from the comfy seats on the balcony. Our properties are designed to pamper our guests in every way possible, and our attention to detail ensures that we will succeed in our mission to make you feel happy and at home! And although you may feel the need to spend as much time as you can outside exploring the island and frolicking in the surf (who could blame you?), coming home every evening to the comfort and quiet luxuries of our Quam Properties long term rentals on Maui promises to be the best part of your stay!

Now’s the Time to Choose Quam Properties

There’s no better time than the present to choose your long-term escape. Reserve yours today!

Island life is the only life we ever want to live, and whether you’re visiting Maui for the first time or the millionth time, we are quite sure you will agree with us! Offering a laidback lifestyle and a tropical experience that will speak to your soul, you may find yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the opportunity to participate in some of your favorite activities, no matter what season you visit! This guide to outdoor activities on Maui will ensure that every minute of your stay is packed with fun and adventure and that every night will be as peaceful and comfortable as you dreamed, but only when you stay in one of our Quam Properties vacation escapes, of course!

Visit a Dormant Volcano

Unlike the Big Island on which the volcano is very active, Haleakala National Park is home to Haleakala, a volcano that has been dormant since before the 17th century, making it a very safe and extremely beautiful place to visit. Sunset and sunrise are the most popular times to explore, and as you drive the winding road to the summit, the views become more beautiful the higher you ascend! Located just outside Pukalani, this 33,000-acre park also offers coastal sections that feature freshwater pools visitors love to swim in, so be sure to bring your suits!

The Views May Distract

Golfers from all over the world flock to the world-class courses found on Maui, and the Maui Nui Golf Club is definitely a favorite! The ocean views, however, can be quite distracting, so remember to stay aware of your surroundings as you play on a course that has been described as one of the top 10 overall golf courses by GolfAdvisor.com. Low prices make it popular for visitors traveling on a budget!

Under the Sea Excitement

There’s one experience that nearly everyone who travels to Maui partakes in, snorkeling, with Molokini being the most popular space to explore under the sea! This uninhabited islet is a volcanic crater that is partially under water, and although no people live on its surface, the undersea dwellers have discovered this is the perfect place for them to make their home, making it a stunningly beautiful snorkeling spot!

Fun Outdoor Activities on Maui

Your favorite adventures, however, may end up being the ones you enjoy outside your Quam Properties comfortable vacation home away from home! Offering communal pools, barbecue areas, and views from the patio that never fail to take your breath away, your stay with us will be the happiest part of your Hawaii getaway. Contact us and reserve your stay today!

Within Quam Properties, we know the difficulties facing the local economy and the vacation rental market. In such an economy, many owners are facing difficult decisions. What we have seen over the last few weeks is a transition of properties from Maui short-term rentals to Maui long-term rentals. This is not an easy decision, but for some it is a necessary choice. It is our mission at Quam Properties to walk owners through this process professionally, projecting the yearly opportunity and the estimated time in which a transitioned Maui long-term rental can return to the Maui short-term market. From start to finish, our staff will remain diligent in ensuring the transition is a success.

The world we are living in today has definitely changed in the last few weeks! With the arrival of COVID-19, many of us are working from home offices, some of us aren’t working at all, and all of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before! Quarantining, self-quarantining, sheltering in place, or simply being grounded—whatever you choose to call this pause in activities, boredom may be causing you to climb the walls in frustration! And because we get it, we at Quam Properties are facing the same issues in our own homes, we thought we’d save a little bit of our sanity and yours by creating this guide to online resources for at-home entertainment. Even as our walls may be closing in around us, the internet has created a world without boundaries and these entertainment options may expand your horizons as they help keep peace in your little corner of the world!

Hawaii State Public Library System

Libraries are once again gaining importance as we turn to their digital resources for entertainment and education, and the Hawaii State Public Library System has just launched an on-demand video streaming service for its patrons. Kanopy is the name of this service, and details on how to take part in the fun can be found on the library website, but with a few simple clicks of the mouse, you’ll have access to a new source of family friendly movies and television shows, including some of your kids’ favorites!

Take a Virtual Tour of Paradise

Maybe you had to postpone your Maui getaway or maybe you just want a sneak peek of an upcoming visit; in either case, spending some time taking a virtual tour of Maui and all the Hawaiian Islands can be a pleasant escape from the monotony of same old same old! Tour de Force 360 offers a library of virtual tours from all over the world, but to be honest, our favorites are the ones that involve our exquisite island!

Visit Your Favorite Museums While Still Wearing Your Pajamas

This last tip isn’t Hawaii-centric, but it’s definitely a cure for the travel blues! Many of your favorite museums from all over the world (2500 at last count!) are offering virtual tours and Google Street Views for your entertainment pleasure! Spend a day roaming the exhibits at the Guggenheim in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and lose yourself in the beauty of art created by the masters over the centuries.

When Life Returns to Normal

Obviously these troubled times won’t last forever, and when the day arrives that you can freely enjoy coffee dates with your friends, a night out at the theater with your spouse, and the borders of the world are opened for travel again, we at Quam Properties will be here waiting happily for your return! Stay safe and enjoy at-home entertainment!

For many of us, the calendar pages are turning a little more slowly than normal as we ease our way through this epic time-out we’ve been placed in, but as restrictions lift, it’s time to start making plans for your annual summer getaway. You’ve probably been doing virtual tours of all the places you want to visit, and if your journey leads you in the direction of Maui, our Quam Properties summer escapes are happily waiting for your presence! This guide to the summer Maui activities you can enjoy on Maui will ensure that every minute of your getaway will be filled with fun, laughter, and all the action you’ve sorely missed in these last few weeks!

Get Out There and Move

When you’ve been sedentary for far too long, getting out and moving is a treat you will enjoy, especially when your movement takes you to the green courses of the Dunes of Maui Lani Golf Course! Located at 333 Maui Lani Parkway in Kahului, this retro course has been a favorite of golf fans for years and its location on a natural dune offers incredible views that will make up for all the time you’ve spent inside!

Explore the Maui Ocean Center

During the quarantine, virtual tours of aquariums all over the world have made us feel as if we were really there, but now you really can be when you visit the Maui Ocean Center, located at 192 Maalaea Road in Wailuku. Offering over three acres of tropical reef adventures, the Maui Ocean Center is fun for guests of all ages!

Go to the Park

When you want the walls that have surrounded you to completely disappear, a day spent at the Haleakala National Park is the perfect way to perform this disappearance trick! Offering views you’ll never forget and hiking trails that will lead you to the Haleakala Crater, you can pack a lunch and plenty of water and plan on spending many hours at this island paradise. The sunrise views from the crater are most popular, but if crowds or the idea of getting up while it’s still dark out turn you off, the sunset views are life-changing!

Magical Adventures & Fun Maui Activities

No matter how you spend your daylight hours on Maui, coming home to the magic and wonder of our Quam Properties summer escapes will make this getaway an extraordinary one! Reserve your vacation rental today!

The world has changed drastically in the last couple of months, and even though we live on the island paradise of Hawaii full time, we can’t avoid the changes. Our vocabulary has increased to include not just coronavirus and COVID-19, but phrases such as social distancing and self-quarantine are popping up as frequently as toilet paper and paper towels are disappearing from the shelves. Our newsfeeds offer constant updates as our friends and family grow more frightened with each passing day, but in spite of all this, there are still moments of hope, cheer, and kindness. Memes about Prince Charmin and Easter Peeps with surgical masks that are passed around don’t make light of the situation; rather, they help us deal with the new reality with humor, and viral videos show musicians playing for an audience of hundreds who can’t leave their homes. It’s these little bright spots that remind us that this crisis won’t last forever, and when it ends, we at Quam Properties will be waiting for you with homes that have adapted to the new normal of sanitization! Here are some safety guidelines and tips for COVID-19!

Tips for COVID-19 – Self-Quarantine is the Phrase of the Day

As we wash our hands for the millionth time each day, humming the chorus to Dolly Parton’s Jolene to ensure we stay at the sink the proper amount of time (at least 20 seconds), the news is filled with the latest self-quarantine information, and if you happened to be scheduled to arrive during this time, you should know that you will need to spend two weeks in quarantine. Of course, most of us aren’t traveling right now, so we’re sure it won’t be an issue. In any case, as gatherings with over 10 people aren’t allowed, public events are being cancelled, libraries are temporarily closed, and restaurants are only open for carry-out, self-quarantining won’t be that difficult to do if you are already here. As the situation is fluid and ever-changing, we can’t say when normalcy will return, but we can offer these helpful tips on how you can do your part to end the crisis. Wash your hands often, limit your expeditions to only necessary ones for food and supplies, and although this last piece of advice isn’t on the virus warning lists, try to laugh as often as possible.

This Crisis is Temporary

Every day that passes brings us one day closer to the end of the crisis, and when that day comes, we at Quam Properties will be here waiting for your return, offering comfort, style, and the cleanliness that you have come to expect! Stay safe and healthy!

Easter is supposed to be a spring holiday, but even though the calendar may say spring has arrived, for many people throughout the world Easter is held on a day filled with snow, slush, and cold! Spring is more of a suggestion to our northern friends and celebrating in seasonal clothing can be a mistake—unless you choose to spend your 2020 Easter on Maui island! Offering tropical days filled with warm ocean breezes, true blue skies, and the sun smiling down from above, your Maui Easter celebration promises to make memories you will never forget. This guide will ensure that every minute is filled with love, laughter, and of course, family!

Sunrise Celebrations

The decision to attend church is a very personal one, and during Easter it can be the reason you choose not to travel, feeling more comfortable in your own church home. The churches of Maui, however, are an integral part of the island and their historical significance can add to the beauty you feel during sunrise services. Keawala’i Church at 5300 Makena Rd in Kihei was built in 1882 and will be offering a sunrise service beginning at 7:30 AM. If you really want to experience a glimpse of Maui history, being able to see where Christianity began on our island offers the perfect start to your Easter Sunday; Waiola Church Lahaina, located at 535 Wainee Street in Lahaina, is where it all started back in 1823. Finally, Harvest at Kumulani Chapel is a great option for our guests staying on the Kapalua side; find it at 1000 Kapalua Dr.

Easter Brunch

After church, hunger pangs can get real, and when it’s Easter, the cravings for brunch are strong. This year we think you should try something a little different and take part in the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Easter Brunch cruise! Departing from Lahaina and lasting about two hours, it includes a delicious buffet, alcoholic beverages, and the opportunity to spot dolphins and/or whales frolicking in the waters!

The Search for Eggs

Your children are probably wondering about the very important hunt for eggs and even though you may be enjoying the comforts of our Quam Properties holiday escapes, you won’t have to skip the search! Most of the local resorts will offer an egg hunt if you want to go out, but because sometimes you just want to stay in, hiding eggs in your holiday hideaway allows you to stay comfortable while showing your children the traditions are important no matter where you are!

Hop on Over for Easter on Maui!

Your Easter celebration will be filled with love, laughter, and much needed warmth when you choose Maui and our Quam Properties vacation rentals. Reserve yours today!