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3 Tips for Light Maui Traveling

Travel is fun but lugging heavy suitcases across the miles does take a little of the sparkle out of getting away. We worry that we won’t have the shoes that match the outfit, that we’ll have innumerable accidents causing us to have to change our clothes at least three times a day, and what if we run into our favorite celebrity and they invite us to a fine affair? Packing involves a little common sense, a lot of pre-planning, and the occasional realization that if we don’t pack it and discover we need it, we can always purchase the necessity when we reach our destination! These three tips for light Maui travel offer the bonus of freeing up luggage space to save room for all the souvenir boutique items you will be buying during your visit!

It’s Probably Provided

We want to prepare for every occasion when traveling, but to be honest, most of what are you worried about is probably already provided! Dishwasher soap plus paper towels and coffee and tea will be waiting for you in the kitchen, while the bathrooms come stocked with personal-sized toiletries, toilet paper, and tissues. Hairdryers in the bathroom lessen the bulk in your baggage. If you prefer your own special scent, your favorite bath store can be found in Kahului, and candles can be purchased there as well, giving your Quam Properties island escape the scent you love best.

Technology is a Beautiful Thing

Gone are the days we had to lug around a camera, a laptop, books and our favorite magazine! Today’s technology allows us to combine all of the above into one device! Most smartphones can send an email, serve as an eBook, a camera, and can allow us to play Candy Crush while waiting for our planes to arrive! At most you can pack a tablet and a cell phone, taking up practically no space. How did we travel before the invention of this great technology?

Start Packing a Few Days in Advance

Planning out what you bring is actually the best tool in your packing arsenal. Lay everything you THINK you might need out on a bed in a spare room and whittle away as the days count down. Shoes take up a lot of space, so pack those lightweight neutral sandals (or pick a bold color that will make you smile every time you see look down at them!) and wear comfortable walking shoes while you travel. You don’t need three pairs of blue jeans, especially on an island; pack one pair and mix it up with a pair of shorts and a pair of capris. You can always wash clothes in the washer and dryer provided in your unit if anything gets dirty.

Maui Travel So Easy You Will Have to Do This Again!

Once you pick up the habit of traveling light, the world of travel opens up even more for you, and if your journeys bring you back to Maui more than once, we at Quam Properties will welcome you with arms wide open! Reserve your stay with us today!